If you've done some looking online like many of our new customers do before they find PassADrugTest.com, you've likely seen all kinds of discussions about how long marijuana stays in your body, or how long other toxins stay in your bloodstream, hair, and other body systems. Be careful out there—there are entities out there that have their motives for making you believe toxins clear out more quickly or more slowly than they actually do. The truth is that many of the people answering questions about detoxification on the Internet are not as knowledgeable as they seem.
All of the information we have has been garnered from our team of scientists based on studies done on each of the products we carry and what we know about the human body. Metabolism rates and other factors, including but not limited to body mass index, height, other medical conditions, prescription medication use, and whether you have had light, moderate, or heavy exposure to toxins will determine the length of the stay of said toxin in your system. Using a permanent cleanser will help eliminate these toxins much more quickly and efficiently.