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Alcohol Drug Facts

Alcohol dependence, known as alcoholism, is an incredibly destructive illness that has incredibly strong symptoms that can destroy a personís life. People literally lose control of themselves, giving in to the incredible urge to drink. Not only will they begin craving a drink more, they will find it incredibly difficult to stop drinking once they have started. As they lose complete control of themselves to their cravings, alcoholics will begin to build a tolerance, even a physical dependence on consuming alcohol. They will need to drink increasingly higher amounts for the effects to be the same as that "first night of drinking." If an alcoholic tries to go without drinking, s/he can be prone to nausea, sweating, and anxiety.

Make no mistake about it, alcoholism is a disease. Regardless if it costs the person their family, employment, even their freedom, they will give it all up for alcohol. Alcoholism is a chronic disease that will likely last a lifetime. The symptoms of this illness usually lead to an inevitable and disparaging course without treatment and/or therapy or other methods that include abstention. Genetics and a personís lifestyle are seen as incredibly influential causes of the development of alcoholism. Research has shown that the possibility of becoming an alcoholic does run in families. Some other strong factors in alcoholism development are peer pressure, stress, and the accessibility of alcohol.