Single Panel Drug Tests
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Barbiturates Drug Facts

Barbiturates were introduced early in the 20th century for application in medical purposes. Over 2,500 different synthetic barbiturates have being created with 50 of them for use by humans. In medicine today there are about a dozen barbiturates employed for use as sedatives, anesthetic and anticonvulsive drugs. What separates these drugs from one another is the speed in which the drugs affect the body and how long that affects will last. Barbiturates range in classification from Ultra Short to Long Acting. Examples of barbiturates that fall in the long acting class are Luminal® (Phenobarbital) and Mebaral® (mephobarbital). Barbiturates are commonly used for sedation in the daytime or administered to treat seizures. It takes about an hour for barbiturates to take effect and last for about twelve hours.