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At PassADrugTest.com, we truly understand HOW IMPORTANT THIS PURCHASE IS for millions of Americans every year. Our products have been created from years of research and development by a leading team of doctors, nutritionists and toxicologists. Their origins come from the products used by

medical detoxification programs

performed by hospitals and clinics. To read testimonials from people like you, Click Here, or review our variety of products below.
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Nutra Cleanse
This is our top selling permanent full body drug test cleansing kit.

NutraCleansePass A drug Test.com carries only real toxin removers surpassing anything else available on the market. Our products perform a full body cleanse of all the toxins in your system. This is NOT A MASK, like other so called " competitors". Our product line physically alters the structure of your blood cells to completely detoxify your blood and urine. Our program includes a detox diet, fluids regiment, and the anti-toxin solution guaranteed to complete the cleansing process. You will pass your drug test, we guarantee it! WARNING: If you weigh over 260 pounds please call 1-877-247-1354.


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Super CleanP
Pass any same day drug test with our famous 200% Money Back Guarantee!

Super Clean PWorks in 60 Minutes! Lasts up to 5 hours! Designed For Very Heavy Users and individuals with higher fat and toxin levels! This is how to Pass Any Urine Drug Test.

Overnight shipment with AM delivery is available - please call

"Two Steps A'Head" shampoo and conditioner
Beat any hair drug test.

two-stepsNo need to fail a hair drug test! Brand new formula... Works in 30 minutes effective up to 48 hours. 100% money back guarantee. Penetrates hair shaft and cortex. Removes all contaminants and medical residue. Ph balanced safe for permed & color treated hair.

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Read below for just a few of the many reasons to choose us for your next drug test. Doctor
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  • Our entire line of natural detox programs have all undergone years of research and clinical testing in DEA certified facilities.
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  • The expert and friendly crew at Pass A Drug Test is here to help you with all your drug testing needs, questions, product support and pre-drug test tips.
Our products have been created from years of research and development by a leading team of doctors, nutritionists and toxicologists. Read testimonials from people like you, Click Here, or review our variety of products below. You will find through engaging yourself here that knowing how to pass a drug test is NOT common knowledge the way some people make it seem. In fact, many of the methods for passing a drug test are not valid at all, and we see more and more evidence of this in the news and across the Web everyday. If you are looking for ways to pass a drug test, look no further. You have found the finest source on the Internet. Trying to pass a drug test fast? Simply check out our same day cleansers first. Are you asking yourself, "How can I pass a drug test?" We have all the drug test pass answers right in our FAQ! Leave the question of how to pass a drug test to us--you have enough on your plate!
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WARNING! Don't take a risk with cheap drug test products sold by no name companies. Most detox websites are scams with fake promises and don't care if you pass your drug test once they get your money. Make this purchase with the confidence that our drug test products and customer support are truly the top in the industry.

testimonial I just wanted to say thank you so much. This is how I passed my test with ease. They tested me through the hair (I didn't know how they even did that) and with the help of your products I walked away clean as a whistle.

- Jeff