Our at-home nicotine cleanser is ideal for those of you in the process of getting rid of the toxins left behind in your body from smoking or chewing tobacco. Our popular four-day program rids your entire system of ANY detectable nicotine guaranteed. The kit you see here has become an overnight hit for smokers who are trying to quit, and those who are exposed to second-hand smoke and want to detox their bodies of all nicotine toxin. Others who may benefit from this kit are those who are subject to insurance nicotine testing, and perhaps do not smoke. For smokers, it is the first step towards getting a fighting chance at quitting smoking. Our nicotine cleansing products have been successfully used by thousands of satisfied customers, and are known as the industry standard. Each Nicotine Cleansing Kit we carry comes complete with two self-test kits so you can see yourself that you are clean of all nicotine and any other toxins.

Kit Contents

Single Panel Nicotine Test

These affordable, easy-to-use urine test kits are the same as those used by employers, courts, and rehab programs. They take the worry out of testing for nicotine, and allow you to have a same day 'trial run" to ensure that you are passing before you take any tests for anyone else. Use inc om bin at ion with other body cleansers to accurately predict that day's test results. When you pass your nicotine test, our job is done!


Why Choose Us?

  • Nicotine Drug Test Industry Leader.
  • Thousands of Nicotine Cleansing Kits Sold.
  • Lowest prices and highest quality.
  • All products are guaranteed ALL Natural.
  • Fast reliable shipping overnight w/ tracking.

What To Eat

Bland foods such as grilled or baked fish, chicken or turkey. Steamed or raw vegetables, such as carrots, green beans, etc. Salad (lettuce with balsamic vinaigrette dressing only). Eat only one (1) banana per day. No other fruit or tomatoes. Drink only bottled water and Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail. For extra seasoning add lemon or lime juice only (no spices).

What Not To Eat

NO dairy products such as milk, eggs, butter, cheese, etc. NO canned or prepackaged foods (high sodium content). NO bread, pizza, crackers, cereal, etc. NO dessert or high calorie foods. NO caffeine such as coffee, cokes, tea or alcoholic beverages NO spices, seasonings or onions.

NOTE: The items on the “WHAT NOT TO EAT” Menu will convert to starches, sugar and fats in your system. If you eat these items, they will not allow your body to expel the toxins properly – but will instead enable the toxins to stay in your body tissue. Salt and other spices will cause you to retain water, also slowing down the expulsion process.