I recently used one of your products, Never Fail 180, and it worked wonderfully! I wanted to write a testimonial about how this product worked because reading the testimonials helped me decide to purchase from your site. I couldn't find anywhere to submit testimonials so I figured I would email it so your company could use it if they want. Thank you! "I am an undergrad student who managed to land the perfect internship. I worked hard to do everything right including refraining from smoking weed or partying for a few months prior to applying, anticipating a drug test. As it turns out I had to pass one. I took the test with no worries and I decided to celebrate with some friends the following weekend. However, I get a call the following Monday that my test came back 'negative dilute' which meant I would have to take it again. Knowing there was no way I could pass without help, I turned to this website and bought the Never Fail 180 product. Currently I am working at a fantastic company which could potentially lead to a dream job, none of which would be possible without this organization.
Thank you!
-Anonymous, Hartford CT

You sent me 2 kits; never fail same day detox, [used one to confirm your claims, keeping the other for a standby] I followed the instructions, and it worked, tested my self after 2 hours from start. drank all the water, took pills on time etc. 7 hour after the start, I was back to where I was before I took the cleanse. This stuff WORKS. I was exposed several times at a Willie Nelson concert, unknowingly walked thru clouds of smoke thought was tobacco [Who would have imagined that clean cut, middle age, middle class people would smoke grass an outdoor Willie Nelson concert on a beautiful Saturday night in the Texas Hill country! My bad] , and tested positive for several day , In case a random or surprise test is pulled on me ,I had to protect myself, Thanks Steve

- Steve San Antonio, TX

I was a casual smoker of marijuana, and the fact that I had to stop smoking just doesn't seem right to me.  However, I decided to pass the possible drug test the old fashioned way by stopping for at least 30 days.  However, your website has an excessive amount of very useful and detailed information in the FAQ section. After reading through this information I decided to purchase the Nutra Cleanse permanent kit so I was sure to be clean. Thank you for helping me get through the test and clean my system out your products worked for me.


- Nick, Tucson AZ

I was really stressing out about being tested for my new job. A friend told me that they used Pass A Drug Test.com and they were able to pass. I found out a few days before I was getting a hair test and ordered your shampoo. I passed with flying colors and started my new job the following Monday. Thanks Guys!!!

-Emilyn, Phoenix AZ
To All non-believers out there! This stuff really does work. I looked everywhere and searched every single site I could for 2 weeks. I read everything from how the GC/MS testing works. read and read and read. Broke down and bought from these guys because they had believable information and they answer the phone! You may have to call back in a short time, but they will answer during the hours they say. I was nervous so I called and asked them question after question after question. I told them I I needed a one day cleaner they would not let me down. I knew had I taken the test I would have failed with using something. I KNOW FOR SURE. I smoked every single day and lots on weekends. So, I ordered it...I read the instructions word for word a hundred times. I knew I could not mess this one up 84k job from a 58k job (ya this was big) I did exactly what it said, and used the advise the guy told me (stay clean for 48 min) and went and peed in the time limit it said --- I was still a little nervous so I went to Walgreens and bought a do it yourself home Marijuana test - and passed ( felt little better) but then went directly to the lab, peed...two days later......I have a new job and I know cause I looked at my file laying on the desk today...results for a 10 panel test -NEGATIVE. You guys rock!!!!! Now if you don’t mind I am going to take a toke - I deserve it for landing such a good job. USE IT, AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR GOD SAKES, THIS SHIT WORKS
-Charlie, Las Vegas NV 
I can’t lie, I smoked weed for a long time. A surprised drug test got me canned off my last job and I needed to pass a drug test in 2 days to get a new job. I had my doubts that it could work but after getting your cleansing products, I pass the pee test with flying colors. You guys saved me.
- Josh,  Houston TX 

When I found out that I would have to go in for a pee test for my new position I was a bit taken aback. After looking online at the huge amount of different products and sites out there I saw yours and it was full of useful information.  After researching I choose a permanent program and decided that I wanted to remain clean after the test.  Followed the instructions and the diet and passed my test. Thank you for providing a useful and informative web site with products that works.

- James, Tacoma WA  

Just wanted to say thank you for your product. My story is a rare but real one..
I had applied for a job and had stopped smoking 30 days prior. My system was clean when I went for the drug test. Well it turns out just before my start date I got a call and they said the lab used the wrong paperwork and I had to go the next day and retake the test. I went into a panic and called your company and had the Super Clean P product shipped to me the next day. I followed the directions and took a home test and passed and then went to the clinic and I just go the results. Passed. Well thank you again and your product really saved me.

- Cy A Gropper, Seattle WA
I must admit, I was completely ignorance of drug testing. I got pulled over for speeding and being under the influence of a narcotic substance. I had to take a pee test every week for 3 months. Even though I am not using any more, I didn’t want to take a chance at my system not being clean. I used one of the permanent cleaning kits and even a surprise hair test came up as being completely clean. I was shocked and ecstatic that I found such an incredible product.
- Ann, Portland OR  
Here is my success story.  I smoke a few cigarettes per week and wanted to test clean for a life insurance exam.  I take good care of myself otherwise, work out, eat right, etc. I used your product as directed.  I had a policy for 500,000 that cost me $1200 per year.  I wanted to change to a $750,000 policy.  I used your product and ended up being given a 750k policy for only $390 per year!!  I was classified as "super preferred"!

Thank you very much.  Your product is the real deal.
- Anonymous Name and address withheld.    
I was at a party where people were smoking weed. I was stressing out because I know it can show up through second hand smoke. I ordered a permanent cleansing kit and a few weeks later I was tested. Clean as a whistle. I really appreciate what you all are doing.
- Kirk, Mesa AZ  

I tried your product after being a heavy user (pot) every day for four years. I am in a job that has a zero tolerance. I did the five day program and not only did I lose 3 kgs (look great ) but I tested clear with not only your test kits but two other types. The diet is extreme but you can do it. You must drink all of the fluids recommended. I am very active however and I had to back off the exercise due to lethargy without the carbs. Great product I will use again not just for the cleansing but the weight loss value I have not seen before. I'm now ripped and pissing clean! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Still employed Aussie  

I just wanted to write in and thank you so much.  During my spring break trip this year I was exposed several times to second hand smoke and my drink was spike at one of the parties. When I returned home I was informed that I would need to go in for a Random UI. Needless to say I was scared out of my mind if I failed this test it would totally have messed up my life. Luckily a friend told me about your site and your products and I logged in to order a product, but there were so many to choose from I had no idea what to choose.  So I called the 800 number and was answered first ring and the person helped me to choose the Never Fail 180. He also answered many of my questions and calmed me down I got the product followed the directions and passed my test. Thank you thank you thank you.

- Stacy, Chesapeake VI 

Hi there,
Just wanted to you know how wonderful you are!  I got the job and my house is saved.  I'm telling all my friends!!!!
Thanks again!!!

- Lauren, Miami FL  
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