Drug Test Methods

There are four basic ways to test a subject for drug use: Urine, hair, saliva and blood

It is helpful to know which test you are taking ahead of time, though caution must be taken, which is exactly why PassADrugTest.com offers the highest level of privacy in the drug testing industry, including urinary drug tests and other drugtests you may have to take. Asking your boss whether you are getting an instant or lab drug test, or whether the test is a urine drug test, saliva drug test or hair drug test can imply that you know too much or seem too curious. Our aim is not to scare you with this information, but rather to help you through the process and ensure your success in passing a drug test for work.

There are laws against discriminatory hiring practices and you should know what your rights are. Look to your state’s labor laws before beginning doing any drug testing. We know that drugtesting can seem unfair and unjust, and that's exactly why we provide you with the best options for hair, saliva, and urinary drug detox products you'll find anywhere.

Below you will find a list of all the types of drugtests that you need to know about so you can choose the best drug detox for your unique needs.

Instant tests became popular because they enable parents to drug test their children privately. This is the most convenient and widely-used test. Employers and courts use urinary drug tests and other tests to determine if you have specific drugs in your body. In some cases, your urinary drug test might go to a lab for further drug testing

A urinary drug test can be as simple as a one-drug dipstick drug test or more advanced, using more elaborate workups. For a dip stick drug test, the tester dips the test end of the device into the urine, and takes 2-4 minutes to show the results of the drugtest.

The results will be either negative or non-negative (another way to say positive drug test). You may be given a cup with a peal-off sticker. Some cups test a portion of the urine while keeping the rest for more teasing at a lab. Instant urinary drug tests are generally only used to determine if a substance needs to have further drugtesting through a professional drugtesting lab. These more in-depth drugtests can cause stress for people who have to do them, but don't worry, the drug detox products we make available to you will make passing a drug test easy and give you the confidence you need during your drug testing experience.

Call 1-877-247-1354 or email us at info@passadrugtest.com for additional information on Instant Tests.


Urine Testing

When an employer requests a drug test from an employee, the employee will be instructed to go to a drug testing clinic. The employee’s urine is collected offsite, but don't worry; any drugtest can be passed with the most effective drug detox products. These THC detox products and other drug detox products help you pass a drug test no matter where the drugtest is performed, and these are the detox products we offer at PassADrugTest.com.

While there are many complex ins and outs to how drugtests are evaluated, the most important thing you need to know is that you have drug detox options for even the most complicated kinds of urinary drug tests. 

Below is an approximation of detection times for common drugs in urine testing:

Detection Times for Common Drugs In Urine Testing
Drug   Detection Time
Alcohol   6-24 hours
Marijuana and hashish   3-7 days, up to 30 days after
heavy use/users with high body fat
Cocaine   2-5 days
Codeine   2-3 days
Methamphetamine   3-5 days
Heroin   3-4 days
Amphetamines   1-3 days


Saliva Testing

Saliva drug tests may detect drug use within the past few days. Saliva drug tests are becoming popular because they are convenient and cheap for employers. Also, onsite oral-based tests an urinary drug tests enable the implementation of random drug testing programs, proven to be the most effective type of drug screening. Testing is usually performed by employers, for either pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion or return-to-duty testing. Saliva drug testing is very popular with employers, and that's exactly why PassADrugTest.com offers the highest quality drug detox products in the world. 

Detection in saliva drug tests begins almost immediately upon use of the following substances, and lasts for approximately the following times:

Detection Times for Common Drugs In Saliva Testing
Detection Time
6-12 hours
Marijuana and hashish
12-24 hours
One day
2-3 days
Methamphetamine and ecstasy
5-13 days
2-3 days
3 days

NOTE: Saliva drug tests/b> are highly sensitive and detection times can vary a lot.

If you smoke marijuana, you may be concerned about an upcoming saliva test. But with good THC detox products like those available here you don't need to be scared. You can always contact us at 1-877-247-1354 or email us at info@passadrugtest.com. with any questions or concerns you have about marijuana drug testing.


Blood Testing

Because it is the most expensive method of testing, blood drug testing is also the least common type of drugtest. Blood testing is also the most in-depth. Here are some time frames to keep in mind:

Detection Times for Common Drugs In Blood Testing
Drug   Detection Time
Alcohol   12-24 hours
Marijuana and hashish   2-3 days, up to 2 weeks in heavy users
Cocaine   2-5 days
Codeine   2-3 days
Methamphetamine   1-3 days
Heroin   1-2 days
Amphetamines   12 hours

If you have additional questions about blood drug tests, call us at 1-877-247-1354 or you can email us at info@passadrugtest.com. We're here for you in your time of need and promise to keep all of your personal information private. We know you may be feeling like you're being treated unfairly, so we want you to know we are your ally through the drug testing process. Discretion is our promise to you!


Hair Testing

When THC from marijuana use is in your blood, it can travel through your body into your hair. THC can stay in your hair for a very long time. The hair drug test costs a little less than $100, but is not used as often as urinary drug tests because they are cheaper. Hair drug tests are done by cutting about 50 strands of hair close to the scalp and send it into a drugtesting lab where it is liquefied.

A hair sample is dissolved in special chemicals can take from several hours to days simply to extract evidence of drug use. Average hair growth is approximately 1/2 inch per month. Typically hair 1 1/2 inches from the scalp is used, providing about 90 days of history. It has been rumored that labs can test as far back as 3-6 years. This is false! A lab will not test more than the history that 1 1/2 inches of hair will reveal. If a collector splits, for example, 3 inches of hair into two separate samples and submits them as being from different donors, the labs cannot know the specimens are from the same hair. Labs frown on this as it would be considered fraud and is not common practice. The liquid is run through a drug detection machine, which can detect as little as 1 ng/mL. Psychemedics Corporation has a home collection kit for $69. This home test kit is available if you want to test yourself before applying for a job. Parents also use the at-home hair test on their children.

Beating the hair test is extremely hard. Bleaching or dying your hair is reported to work, but it is very hard on the hair and permanent damage can be expected from such harsh treatments. You can shave every hair on your body and claim that you're a swimmer, but if you had hair at the interview you will likely be seen as trying to avoid the drug test.

Currently, the two biggest labs for drug tests by hair are Psychemedics and Quest Diagnostics. Approximately 90% of all drug tests by hair sent to laboratories are sent to one of these two labs.

As stated, hair tests are extremely hard to “beat.” If you are a marijuana smoker, it’s entirely possible that the substance can remain in your system for many, many weeks, so a good THC detox for hair or urinary drug testing is a good idea. Don't be scared. Contact us at 1-877-247-1354 or email us at info@passadrugtest.com. We have Hair Cleansing Products for drug tests by hair specifically designed for your drugtesting needs. After taking these products, your stress will rinse right off your shoulders like the bubbles from one of our drug detoxing shampoos!

Note the below table, and how long traces of substances stay in your system for drug tests by hair:

Detection Times for Common Drugs In Hair Testing
Drug   Detection Time
Alcohol   Up to 90 days
Marijuana and hashish   Up to 90 days
Cocaine   Up to 90 days
Codeine   Up to 90 days
Methamphetamine   Up to 90 days
Heroin   Up to 90 days
Amphetamines   Up to 90 days

Test Standards and Accuracy

Those who oppose drug testing provide numbers indicating a high level of false positives. Those who favor drug testing provide numbers indicating high levels of accuracy. The fact is that accuracy varies widely from lab to lab. Generally speaking, DHHS-Certified labs are very accurate.

NIDA (The National Institute of Drug Abuse) is the government organization responsible for regulating the drug-testing industry. The vast majority of urine drug screens done these days conform to NIDA specs, and all testing associated with the government (Department of Transportation, etc.) complies with the NIDA standard. It is NIDA that decides what the "safe" cutoffs are to avoid false positives. Despite what you might read on the internet, urinalysis, if done correctly, is a very accurate scientific procedure. No lab that simply reports the results of the initial EMIT screening without confirming the sample on GC/MS. The fact is, labs want you to test negative, because then they only have to run an EMIT test on your urine (a few cents). If you test positive, they must then confirm the positive result on GC/MS, which is considerably more expensive. Incidentally, the machine which does drug tests by hair is a relative of the GC/MS, but is far more precise. It can accurately detect levels of THC as low as 1 ng/mL.

CAP (College of American Pathologists) also certifies laboratories the way NIDA does. NIDA keeps its labs in check by sending positive and negative double-blind samples. Lab personnel do not know which samples came from NIDA. If the lab results are wrong, NIDA may take away the lab’s certification. Only labs that perform the GC/MS onsite can be NIDA certified. Labs that send samples to another laboratory for GC/MS confirmation are ineligible for NIDA certification. Drug testing, when done properly with all required controls and confirmation procedures, is proven to be very accurate and reliable.

Not all labs are NIDA/CAP certified. Some labs do not properly and thoroughly clean the GC/MS equipment. Some labs don't even do a GC/MS confirmation. Some labs use cheap alternative methods to reduce expenses. Many human errors occur in labs and cause inaccurate results. Some are careless or irresponsible errors, and some errors are accidents. Human error can ruin the results of any test, screening or confirmation GC/MS.

The only lab you should be concerned with is the one that is drug testing you. Only Federally regulated jobs require high laboratory standards. Typical private employers may use any lab they choose, which is usually the cheapest. Businesses don't always choose NIDA labs that follow-up a positive screening test. The good news is that even certified labs have perfected the drug testing process so much that their pricing matches or beats that of non-certified labs. You can easily find certified labs, if you are interested.


Drug Test Detection Times

Drug tests detect not only drugs but metabolites as well. Metabolites are the byproducts of a substance after it has run through your system. To determine whether you will pass or not, it is important to know how much of the illicit metabolites are in your urine, as well as the test “cut off,” or Level of Detection (LOD). Usually marijuana tests will have a cutoff of 50ng/mL, but it can be as low as 25ng/mL. Home testing can tell you whether your level at the time of the test is above or below the 50ng/mL level, but it will not tell you the exact level of THC metabolites in your system.

Marijuana Detection Time and Half-Life of TetraHydraCannabinol

The time THC stays in your body is about 10 days. There is way too much variation to even approximate how long THC will be detected in the urine of an individual. Infrequent users with a fast metabolism will have the shortest detection time. Frequent users with slow metabolism will have the longest detection times. The only way to estimate a detection time is to consider the lower and upper bounds (3-50 days), and estimate based on the information below:

Marijuana Detection Time Based on Usage
Usage at 1 time only 5-8 days
Usage at 2-4 times per month 11-18 days
Usage at 2-4 times per week 23-35 days
Usage at 5-6 times per week 33-48 days
Daily Usage 49-63 days

Note: Detection times vary depending on many factors, including drug potency, tolerance, patient's condition, fluid intake at time of the drug test, method and frequency of marijuana use, body type, metabolism, exercise frequency and many others. These are general guidelines only.

If you are currently using marijuana and know you have a marijuana drug test coming up, contact us at 1-877-247-1354 or email us at info@passadrugtest.com. Your privacy and passing your drug test is our main concern. Relax, and know that with the drug detox products we offer you'll pass with flying colors!

If you use marijuana on rarely, your urine may be clean in less than a week. You would expect a chronic user to have the longest detection time and the smallest chance of passing. This is not always the case. A chronic user with a high tolerance may eliminate drugs as fast as an occasional user. Chronic users mat test negative for marijuana after a week long binge. Fat tissue also makes a huge difference. Skinny users not only have a faster metabolism, but also lack storage for THC. The more fat a person has, the more THC toxins will be stored in the body and the longer the detection time is.

If you use marijuana on rare occasions, your urine may be clean of metabolites in less than a week. There is a common and strange phenomenon that occurs with chronic users. You would expect a chronic user to have the longest detection time and the smallest chance of passing. This is not always the case. A chronic user with a high tolerance may eliminate drugs as fast as an occasional user. Chronic users have tested negative after a week long binge. Fat tissue also makes a huge difference. Skinny users not only have a faster metabolism (usually), but also lack storage for THC metabolites. The more fat a person has, the more THC metabolites will be stored in the body and thus the longer the detection time is for a user.

Frequently Asked Quetions - FAQ

How Long Will It Take Until I Test Negative for Marijuana?

This is the single most frequently asked question about drugtests. It is impossible for anyone to estimate the time it would take for someone to test clean for marijuana. The best thing you can do is test yourself after you have stopped smoking pot. Test yourself for pot about twice weekly until your first urine of the day tests clean. That is how long it takes you to detox your system after your normal smoking habits. Even that will vary depending on your level of usage prior to abstaining and your level of physical activity while testing yourself for drugs.

Please be warned that computer programs, charts and graphs are not 100% accurate in determining how long it will take you to test negative for THC. Do not listen to sources who tell you otherwise. If you're interested in learning about detection times, NORML has posted information on the topic.

How is a “Positive Drug Test” Defined?

“50 nanograms of THC metabolites per milliliter” defines a positive by most laboratories and instant drug tests. This value was originally 20 ng/mL, but too many false positives resulted. So the level was raised to reduce false positives. As of January 1995, the threshold was lowered again because it became known that drinking excessive water could easily bring the level of toxins down. Some employers may use a lower cutoff, but it's rare. If a specimen screens non-negative for THC (anything other than negative or fails further testing), the specimen is then sent through another drugtest for further evaluation. This level is lower and can help employers drug test with higher accuracy. But no matter what, you can avoid a positive drug test result by using the drug detox products available through PassADrugTests.com.

Can Secondhand Smoke Cause a Positive Drug Test?

In rare cases, secondhand marijuana smoke can cause you to fail your drugtest. It is possible that secondhand marijuana smoke will raise someone to some level of THC in blood, however, extreme secondhand exposure is required. For instance, being in a closed car full of pot smokers for several hours might cause someone to test positive on a urinary drug test the very next day. Non-smokers are safe in a ventilated area such as an average living room or garage where people are smoking pot.

If you are even slightly concerned about testing positive on a  drugtest, call us at 1-877-247-1354 or email us at info@passadrugtest.com. After calming hundreds of thousands of test-takers over the years, we can to not only calm your fears, but find the right solution to help you pass a drug test.

What About Other Drugs? How Long Do They Stay In My System?

According to a survey by Quest Diagnostics, 50% of all drug test positives are for marijuana, so THC detox products available through PassADrugTest.com are a popular choice and very effective for passing a drug test. What about the other drugs? The table below shows how long drugs other than marijuana typically stay in your system:

  Urine Blood Hair Saliva
Marijuana- Single Use 1-7 + days 12-24 hours Doubtful Not validated.
Estimated 0-24 hours
Marijuana – Regular Use 7-100 days 2-7 days Months
Amphetamines 1-3 days 24 hours
Cocaine 1-3 days 1-3 days
Heroin, Opiates 1-4 days 1-3 days
PCP 3-7 days 1-3 days